Humorously Yours - Vipul Goyal - Standing Up for Comedy

Though at our college festival we had a rock show night, a popular Bollywood night , but the comedy night was the night that people still remember and cherish the most . Vipul had the audience in splits from the word go , and I have never seen anybody take such a insightful funny take on our most popular God Sachin Tendulkar and The Wall Rahul Dravid . I was wondering what if Sachin and Dravid were there in the audience to witness this ...Sachin would have loved him and Dravid would have cursed him . Wish you all the best in your future endeavours .

Priyam Bharadwaj COT PANTNAGAR
It really takes immense potential and talent to handle an audience of more than 2000 people and that too college students but Vipul Goyal had them under his spell the moment he took to the stage . Being an electrical engineer himself , his hilarious outrageous take on engineering students , their chemistry with girls and their chemistry with their parents , had an instant connection with both the students and the faculty . It was a privilege having you perform at our annual cultural festival night . One of my most memorable one night stands ever .

Ravi Kumar, Curator IGNITE HYDERABAD
10 speakers and Vipul became the most popular performer for the evening .He has a knack of reading the audience and there is something really loveable about him that gets the audience behind him .Post event , Ignite Hyderabad's Facebook and Twitter pages was flooded with posts haling his amazing act . Vipul is fresh breed of INTELLIGENT humorist that stands out proudly from a lot of mediocre humor that is around . We hope to have him in Hyderabad very soon .

Normally comedians tickle your funny bone , but Vipul was so hilarious , he just fractured our funny bone. His contemporary take on the social networking site FACEBOOK and how facebook is a very feminist website had everyone rolling on the floor laughing including our Dean Cultural Affairs , who happens to be a feminist by the way . ... The standing ovation in the end was the least we could do as a gesture of appreciaton of such unique talent . I still can't get over this joke of his " They may appear happy on the outside but deep down , all facebook users have a past , a dark past , which they are not proud of ...Its called ORKUT !!!"

We will be always indebted to Vipul Goyal for what he had done for us . Our organising committee was really in a fix , we didn't know what to do as 2 of our speakers couldn't make it to our TEDx event at the last moment . So we requested him to fill in the time slot for them also and then began the 50 min laugh riot that just got funnier by the minute . One of the best LIVE entertainers to have ever graced our campus .Thank You , 'Humorously Yours "

In the last 6 years , we never really thought of calling any stand up comics because you rarely find someone appealing to the senibilities of corporate executives . But after watching the performance clips of 8 other stand up comedians , we chose Vipul .This was a big big event for us as it was our PAN INDIA award ceremony and our top executives had flown in from London for the event . and when Vipul began the laughter was just contagious .This was the best TATA TOPGUN awards ever . We have already booked him for next year ..

One of the best Indian English stand up comedy shows I have seen in a long long time . His witty interpretation of the amount of Gods we have in India is a stroke of sheer genius .. . He left the audience with a sweet aftertaste just like our chocolates .

Just have a look at his V Card , I haven't seen a more creative and funny V card than his .

Just 2 minutes on stage and Vipul had the crowd roaring with laughter . There were other performers at the event , but Vipul was the show stealer once again. No wonder the audience cheered for more and he had to come on to the stage for the second time much to people's delight and we , the curators kept wondering is it "The Hyderabad Comedy Fest 2011 " or " The Vipul Goyal Comedy Fest 2011" . Thanks for the entertainment Vipul.

Need I say more , we have already had him twice at our events within a span of 3 months and what really impressed me the most was that there was no repetition of a single joke . Your sincerity and hard work will take you a long way ..Kudos to you and your team !!!

Effortlessly funny !!! Vipul's material is completely different from the usual tricks that other stand up comedians have .His material is fresh , witty , and most importantly very CLEAN which is a must for any corporate event . . He was a wonderful value addition to our event as because of his IIT background , he could entertain us on a number of topics from relationships to entrepreneurship , from marriages to investbank banking , from cricket to advertisements . I still can't get over that wedding album joke ..Keep in touch !!